A R C H I O S - L U K O S

Artist - Writer


Simple ($15) - Average ($20) - Detailed ($25) - Complex ($30+)
Simpler creatures with fewer features 🠖 Bipeds, detail, and nonstandard anatomy
+50% for extra figure - non-chibi bipeds are waist up or +$10 complexity
Detailed Props (+10) - Basic Scenery (+20) - Full Environment (30+)

Google Sheet Maps

Price = tiles/150 - minimum $15
Perfectly editable hub, region, or dungeon maps for DMs - Examples
+$5 for dynamically changing tiles - +$10 minor detail - +$15 major detail

MS Paint Doodles

$15 - up to two characters + a simple background and light shading
+$2 per simple background character - +$5 per detailed foreground character
+$2 Medium Background - +$5 Detailed Background - +$10 Complex Background


Payment will be completed via a PayPal invoice, which I will send to the email address you provide. I currently take payment in full before the commission begins unless we've discussed otherwise. You're free to back out at any time should you decide you no longer want the commission. Refund details are provided below.I reserve up to 1 month to complete commissions once your invoice is paid. It may not take this long. However, that time ensures that my workflow stays balanced and thus that you receive the best quality work possible. I'm open to discussing alternate timeframes depending on what's required for the commission, but this is my standard.


Products are not physical and cannot be returned. I will not take refunds after items are sent.
- If you cancel before any work has been done I will provide a full refund.
- While drafting I will refund 50% and you will receive any work completed up to that point.
- After that point I will keep the full amount due and you will receive any work completed.


- By paying the invoice you have the right to store and use your commission in a personal capacity, but may not upload it on any other sites, even with appropriate credit.
- Using your commission as an avatar or sharing it via something like Discord is completely fine. However, posting it on tumblr, instagram, twitter, etc. without permission is not.
- I will upload the work to my google drive and can post to tumblr or instagram so that it may be shared if desired. Please use the link provided. Thank you!
- These are private prices only. If you're seeking a commercial commission, please reach out to me via my email so that we can discuss what sort of work you're looking for.

contact me @ [email protected]
time crunch? request via google form
view my current queue here

If you found me via another site then feel free to send me a message there
I take payment up front in full. Full refunds for no work, half during the drafting phase